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Honest Ice

State or Country Ice Molds

State or Country Ice Molds

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Silicone Color

Show your support for your home with a state or country ice cube mold.

State shape will determine style of ice cube. All molds will be created to snuggly fit a 3 inch inside diameter cocktail glass. States with thin geometry will not work well as the shape of the ice.  Examples of this are California, Florida, Tennessee, etc.. Only inverted and raised designs will be available. 

Please enter state you would like and what style ice cube you would like.
1. Raised - State design sits on top of cube and extends 6 to 12 mm depending on thickness of lines
2. Inverted - State is sunken into the 2 inch cube. This can be filled.
3. State Shaped - Ice is in the shape of the state.

Please allow 3 to 7 business days to create.


Silicone will be approximately 4 to 5mm thick in food safe silicone. Dishwasher safe. If used as a baking mold, avoid temperatures above 400 degrees.

Q: Do the molds come with a lid?
A: No

Best practices for better ice cubes (In-process). Will be adding best practices for clear ice cubes.

1. Shake out bubbles before freezing (Use a pitcher and not a faucet)
2. Either freeze from the top down or as uniformly as possible to avoid bulging. 


3. Do NOT go directly from the freezer to the drink. This will crack the ice. It must temper(rest) for about a minute or two. This is true for any ice cube.
4. Add ice to drink and NOT drink to ice. Use TONGS to gently place ice in drink.  If done correctly, the ice cube top surface will rest just above liquid. This will greatly extend the life of your design.  

5. Gawk and enjoy!


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