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Honest Ice

2 Letter Merge Ice Cubes - Event Letter Molds

2 Letter Merge Ice Cubes - Event Letter Molds

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Silicone Color
Tray Size

Custom letter ice cubes will add another unique twist to your event.  Serve your guests cocktails featuring a ice  with 2 letters merged together as a single ice cube.

Each merger is made to fit in 3 inch cocktail glass, which means the diagonal distance will be approximately 2.75 inches. 

Depending on letter combination, we may reach out for design preference. Please make sure you entered the correct email address to avoid delays. 

All ice will have a total height of 2.1 inches. Holes in letters (like in "A", "B", "R" etc.) will not extend all the way through. The "hole" will be 8 to 12mm deep depending on diameter of hole. 


 Q: Can you deliver just the ice to the event?

A: Sorry no, not at this time unless you live in Detroit. 

Q: Can these be made into trays of 2, 4, 6?

A: Maybe, depends on letter combination.


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