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Honest Ice

Monogram Ice Mold

Monogram Ice Mold

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Silicone Color
Number of single molds (produce 1 Ice Monogram)

Unique monogram or 3 character ice mold only found at Honest Ice. Great to highlight signature drinks for weddings, anniversaries, and celebratory events!

These must be designed so the ice can be extracted. Each ice "cube" will have a minimum diameter of 2.75 inches so they will require 3 inch inside width cocktail glass. Height will be 2.1 inches.

After purchasing you must approve the design. These designs can be difficult so please be sure to respond to you email.  If you haven't seen an email from me in 24 hours, first check your junk mail, then email me at  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will do what we think is best.

Q: Can the holes like in "A" and "B" go all the way through.
A: No. Because water expands as it turns to ice, it will pinch the silicone and make it extremely difficult to remove.


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