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Honest Ice

Tetra Defense with Artic Wolf Custom Mold

Tetra Defense with Artic Wolf Custom Mold

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Wolf Ice Mold

Approximate Dimensions
Length 1.75"
Width 1.75"
Height 2.1"

Best Practices for better ice (it really isn't this complicated, these are suggestions)
1. Fill mold with water from pitcher
2. Shake away bubbles that attach to design on bottom.
3. Put in freezer.  If bulging occurs, cover the top of mold with anything that will slow down the freezing from the top. 
4. Take our of freezer and let ice rest inside of mold for a minute or two.  The ice must temper so it doesn't crack.
5. Meanwhile, make drink and pour.
6. Remove ice from mold and gently add ice to cocktail. The top surface of ice should float just above the top surface of liquid.
7. Fill in inverted space of mold. Do not fill inverted space to top or it will not look as good.
8. Enjoy!


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