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Honest Ice

1 Up Mushroom Ice Mold - Retro 8 Bit Series

1 Up Mushroom Ice Mold - Retro 8 Bit Series

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Silicone Color
Tray Size

1 Up mushroom ice mold. Enjoy a cocktail that has the added benefit of an extra life.

Dimensions are 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inch. Recommended to use 3 inch cocktail glass.

Q: Do the molds come with a lid?
A: No

Best practices for better ice cubes (In-process). Will be adding best practices for clear ice cubes.

1. Shake out bubbles before freezing (Use a pitcher and not a faucet)
2. Either freeze from the top down or as uniformly as possible to avoid bulging. 


3. Do NOT go directly from the freezer to the drink. This will crack the ice. It must temper(rest) for about a minute or two. This is true for any ice cube.
4. Add ice to drink and NOT drink to ice. Use TONGS to gently place ice in drink.  If done correctly, the ice cube top surface will rest just above liquid. This will greatly extend the life of your design.  

5. Gawk and enjoy!


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