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Honest Ice

2.1 Inch Ice Cube Mold

2.1 Inch Ice Cube Mold

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Silicone Color
Tray Size

You are looking at images of an personalized ice cube with approximately dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2.1 inches or 53 x 53 x 53 mm. The mold holds more than 5 fluid ounces.

Consider this about our molds

- Designs extends further. These are not shallow designs that disappear at first contact. Extend about .25in to .4in (7mm to 10mm)
- Ice cube is longer/deeper. For most designs, expect between 1.9inches to 2.3 inches for cube and cylinder shapes. Over 3 inches for rectangles!
- Made completely in USA.
- Not inserts. Molds are a single piece, not inserts that go inside of mass produced ice tray
- And more!
-------> Most importantly, they give back to help provide clean water access.

Be impressed on how long these cubes last in your drink. Best of all, always know which drink is yours! Also great as a party favor to commemorate a special occasion like graduations, retirements, and birthdays!  

*Add ice to drink and NOT drink to ice.  This will maximize longevity of design. 

Select up to 3 characters for each row (Max 2 rows). Please include instructions in the "Add your personalization" section with purchase. Standard placement is horizontal in the center top of cube. Design will have a maximum width of 53 mm.

I personally think 1 to 2 characters work best since they will have thicker lines.

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