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2.6 Inch Hemi Sphere Ice Mold - Custom Ice Molds

2.6 Inch Hemi Sphere Ice Mold - Custom Ice Molds

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Tray Size
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Custom Ice Hemi Sphere. Select up to 2 characters for the top of your mold. Each mold holds 4 ounces. You think you want a sphere, but this is better.

1. You do not get that crease in the center that comes from using a 2 piece mold. -->Water expands as it freezes so it exacerbates the seam. So unseemly!
2. Most importantly, it has a has a flat bottom. That means your design sits up instead of rolling around. Other wise it would roll around and melt against the side of the glass.

Length 2.6 inches
Width 2.6 inches
Height 2.2 Inches.

3 Inch diameter cocktail glass required!

Always know which drink is yours! Also great as a party favor to commemorate a special occasion like graduations, retirements, and birthdays!

Dishwasher safe

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