Troubleshoot Your Ice

Troubleshooting your Ice


  • Let the ice cube rest before in come in contact with any liquid. At least 5 mins. This will temper the ice. Recommended that you take the ice cube out before you start making your drink.
  • Make sure there are as few bubbles in the water as possible when you start the freezing process.


Water expands as it freezes.  If it freezing process is not uniform, bulges may form. 

Option 1 - Place mold in small lidless cooler with shallow layer of water.  This has the added benefit of directional freezing created by insulated sides of cooler. 

Option 2 - Place mold in plastic dish with shallow layer of water. This will slow down freezing at the bottom and reduce the bulge.

Option 3 - Build a Styrofoam box without top to completely control freezing from the top down.

Option 4 - After the top layer of ice has frozen flip mold over.  The “new” top will experience the coldest temperatures and should eliminate the bulge.

Option 5 - Lower temperature of freezer to control and slow down freezing process. This will enhance the above options.   

Ice cube is too big

These are large ice cubes that will not fit in every cocktail glass.  You want a wide double old fashion cocktail glass. The ice cubes fit perfectly in a Double Old-Fashioned Glass with a 3.25" diameter x 3.5" height and 12oz capacity.  The glass featured most in the pictures is Bryn from Crate and Barrel .  Or just run the ice cube under cold water until you have the needed size.

Ice Cube is Not Clear

Clear ice is made by using directional freezing. The “push” from the directional freezing process and pull of gravity can leave you with crystal clear ice cube.

  1. Find a small cooler such as a 5qt FlipLid Coleman Cooler. Available on amazon.

Alternatively, just put a piece of foam underneath the mold in the freezer.  It will not be perfect, but it will help.

  1. Fill mold taking care not to create bubbles. There is NO need to boil water or use filtered water.
  2. Put cooler with the lid OFF in the freezer

If you experience bulging, put a shallow layer of water in the bottom of the cooler. Even better would be if you slightly raised the molds from the bottom of the cooler.  That way all the bulging will occur outside of the mold.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube with additional methods to creating clear ice.